Newbury Rugby Football Club Sponsorship

Club sponsorship allows you to promote your business and support a cause that you believe in. Newbury Rugby Club uses sponsorship alongside other revenues from conferencing, bars and social events to fund sports, mainly for young people. We have no shareholders and no profit distribution, it all goes to sports. Sponsorship can be club general, meaning its allocation is made by our trustees, or it can be allocated to a specific cause of your choice. You can choose to target mini-rugby for example or you can even nominate a specific use such as the purchase of new training kit or  the membership fund supporting those less fortunate.

Please call or email Simon Ward on 01635 230 023 to discuss your options. Packages starts at £50 per month or less.

We usually customise sponsorship to you specific needs. We are a leading conference centre as well as a rugby club and we therefore have significant foot-fall often over seven days a week. We encourage monthly no- hassle payment arrangements if you prefer. Here are some of the ideas we have used in the past that we could consider in your instance:

  • Our two websites and will carry your branding. Both sites receive high levels of traffic and importantly have end user content management that allows daily updates. We would encourage reciprocal links in this regard if this is possible.
  • We have a range of perimeter board options.
  • We are on a busy road and we often use roadside banners. These can be custom designed and branded as required.
  • A trailer billboard can work well on our large estate – I think we all appreciate that a mobile message retains a fresh appeal.
  • You can benefit from our business clubs and you will be able to speak and give business cards and other media.
  • We can arrange business gatherings in your name. These would typically be buffets for fifteen to twenty people during a match of interest where we would gather in the boardroom and watch the game afterwards from the balcony.
  • We hold pre-match luncheons at least ten times per season. These are always excellent luncheons with guest speakers and lots of fun and banter. The meal is always a local beef carvery (always sourced from Griffins butchers, Newbury High Street, another local institution).
  • The rugby community holds five to six headline events every year such as the captain’s dinner. These are each attended by around two hundred guests. We also have a summer ball in July this year attended by some two hundred and fifty guests from Newbury business circles. We can ensure special reference at all of these events.
  • We have many opportunities to display your logo on our own branded material such as flyers, match programmes, festival programmes, menus, brochures; at all times reflecting your position as an important sponsor.
  • You can sponsor up to twenty four match balls per season and you can select the games that these are used for.
  • You can have the main logo position on the front of our playing kit and we would purchase new branded coaches kit. We can arrange as well that any future production runs of junior playing kit contain your branding.
  • We can provide eight Six Nations tickets for home games of your choice.
  • We can produce new post protectors and corner flags containing your branding.
  • You can be a co-sponsor of our Newbury Beach Festival (a famous cold drinks supplier and many other local companies are also supporting this event).
  • You can co-sponsor our NatWest Rugby Force weekend as this always generates good exposure. We are usually funded by the scheme to carry out intensive community supported site renovations.
  • We run bar screenings of major sports events throughout the season (like the Lions tour coming up) and these events can be “presented by…”
  • In short and as you can see, we seek at all times to provide maximum positive exposure such that both parties get the outcome they deserve.

Please call or email Simon Ward on 01635 230 023 to discuss your options. Packages starts at £50 per month or less.